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6 Responses to Visitor Book

  1. Graeme Elvin says:

    I would love to be on your email list if you have one and really appreciated the comments about Maggie & wow the photo of Rebecca and me.
    We really appreciated the generosity of time & grace extended by Nigel when we visited.
    Please pass on my best wishes.
    There is just one little error in the report in that Maggie was my great aunt & Helena my grandmother not great aunt.
    None the less it was a real surprise read the online news
    Graeme Elvin

  2. Mrs Margaret Hall says:

    I made my fist communion in St Andrew’s in December 1944, in the time of the Rev’d Dr Scott.
    I live in mid-Wales and have never visited since, but maybe this year I shall be able to do that!
    Blessings on all your work and best wishes
    Margaret Mary Rees Hall

  3. Simon says:

    There is a lot of information about the history and architecture of the church, but no information about services, which isn’t very helpful for anyone searching online wishing to join you for worship!

  4. Brian Ford says:

    I am trying to trace my family burials – do you have any FORDS buried there – Jack and Annie my grandparents. Thankyou kindly

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