As well as being important to our local community our church is also an historically significant building with a unique history, this has helped us approach major funding bodies for grants.  It has also allowed us to explore a wider range of potential funding opportunities.

We have been successful in obtaining a grant of £50,000 from Viridor, this is the maximum they can award; we are very grateful to them.

The Oxfordshire Historic Churches trust has granted £10,000.  This is very generous and we appreciate their support.

We have a further £13,000 from a range of other grants.

Personal donations and village fundraising amount to another £15,000

So our total provisional funding is £88,000

As we will aim to reclaim the majority of the VAT bill the total we need to raise will be about £95,000, meaning we have just over £7,000 to go.

There are a number of other bodies we are approaching for funding support, these include National Churches Trust, Garfield Weston Foundation, New Zealand High Commission, All Churches Trust and others.

Local Support

All the funding bodies we have approached require the support of the local community.

Our target was to raise a further £5,000 from the local community, that would equate to 5% or so of the total project cost.

A fantastic response has meant that that target has been beaten by some distance.  Community donations and fund raising look set to raise over £15,000 – three times our initial target.

We still need more so if you can support us please send your donation, small or large, to:

Nigel Lambert
Gift aid helps us increase your donation by reclaiming tax.  Please enclose a gift aid form, if you need one they can be downloaded from

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