17th Century Non-conformist in Oddington

Extract from A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 6 (1959) :-

Before 1605 Richard Poure, son of Francis Poure, the lord of the manor, was ‘convicted as a Popish recusant’.Early in the 17th century John Poure, another son, was fined for recusancy. In the course of the next twenty years John Foxe, also a gentleman, and the members of two yeoman families were also fined.

In 1796 the house of Richard Scrivener was licensed for dissenting meetings. The nonconformists met on Sunday evenings and were visited by a ‘teacher from a distance’,perhaps James Hinton (d. 1823), who is said by the Baptists to have started village preaching in Oddington. There continued to be a few dissenters throughout the 19th century; in 1866 there were about twenty, but many were said to attend church occasionally.