Randal Catherall – 1570



Batchelors of Civil Law

Dec. 5 RANDAL CATHERALL – After he had left the university he settled in an obscure village called Oddington alias Addington, near to Bister in Oxfordshire, where by a natural geny advanced with great industry, he became an eminent and expert antiquary. His voluminous collections from divers leiger books, concerning monasteries, especially in these parts, and of genealogies and heraldry, were much used by Dr Robert Sanderson, afterwards bishop of Lincoln, who did transcribe many things from them for his use, which I have seen. But where those collections are now, I cannot yet learn. This Mr Catherall, who was descended from those of his name living at Horton in Cheshire, was buried in a little vault under the chancel of the parish church of Oddington before mentioned, 9 June 1625.

Footnote: Randal Catherall came from an eminent family from Horton, Cheshire. He was the son of John Catherall and Jonne Catherall nee Maddock. He married Jonne (Joane) Johnes, daughter of Richard Johnes, of Merton.

A daughter, Elen, was baptised at Oddington on 24 September 1620. Joane was buried at Oddington on 12 February 1622.