Oddington baker’s wife… July 1851

Oddington baker’s wife rejects new member of family

   Jackson’s Oxford Journal of 26 July 1851contained a report of a case heard at Bullingdon Petty Sessions on 19 July.

Edgar Haynes, of Oddington, baker, a married man, was ordered to pay 2s 6d per week for the maintenance of an illegitimate male child, which a servant named Sarah Nutt, of Great Milton, who had lived in his service, swore to be his. The case, which occupied some time, was gone into with great care by the Bench, who, being satisfied with the evidence that the defendant was the father of the child, adjudged him to pay the expenses up to the present time, amounting to 3 guineas 2s and 2s 6d per week for the future.

On the applicant leaving the justice room, with her infant in her arms, the wife of Haynes attacked her in a most violent manner, and had it not been for the interference of Mr Rogers, the hall-keeper, would most probably have done her and the child considerable injury. Mrs Haynes then went into hysterics, and continued in that state for a considerable time, but at length recovered sufficiently to proceed home.