Oddington man has his own parachute – 1944

It was reported in the Bicester Advertiser and Mid-Oxon Chronicle of 16 June 1944 that Francis P Trinder, of Oddington, was charged with failing to deliver a silk parachute to a member of the Forces or the Police. He pleaded not guilty.

Sergt. Scroggs said that on 30 May he saw several parachutes drop. Three were recovered but he had reason to believe that there were more. On 31 May he saw defendant at his home and told him he was looking for parachutes dropped the previous evening. Defendant said, “I saw them drop, but did not touch them. If you like you can search my house. Witness accepted the invitation and in a front downstairs room saw a silk parachute, and found cords in another room. When charged that morning defendant said, “I am guilty.”

Replying to defendant, witness said he had told defendant he had reason to believe three parachutes were missing.

Defendant said he found the parachute on fire in a hedge. He put the fire out, and had to take the cords away to get it from the hedge. This was 11 o’clock at night. He went to work at 6.30 the next morning, returning at 6.30 at night, and the police came at about seven so he had no time to return the parachute to the authorities.

Inspector Harmon said there was a prior conviction against Trinder for neglect of his family.

The case was dismissed under the Probation of Offenders Act on payment of 8/6d costs.

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