Oddington Parish Meeting

Oddington has a Parish Meeting that looks after local government affairs for the village; we are too small to warrant a Parish Council.  Day to day activities of the Parish Meeting is co-ordinated by Dr Young, an annual meeting takes place in April.

The Parish Meeting officers are:

Chairman – Dr Adrian Young

Treasurer – Gerry Johnson

The parish email address is oddingtonpm@gmail.com


Public Rights of Inspection:

Any member of the Parish is entitled to inspect the documentation and supporting paperwork.  The inspection period is from June 3rd, 2019 to July 12th, 2019.  To arrange an inspection please contact the Chairman – Dr Adrian Young, at Oddingtonpm@gmail.com

The official notice of rights can be found here..

Latest Year completed accounts and documentation – Year ending March 2019:

AGM – Friday 26th April 2019 – Minutes

Oddington Parish Meeting Accounts Y/E March 2019

Internal Audit Report

Annual Governance Statement

Accounting Statement

Certificate of Exemption

AGM – Friday 26th April 2019 – Agenda


Prior Year Archives:

Documents relating to prior years can be found here.