Oddington Parish Meeting

Oddington has a Parish Meeting that looks after local government affairs for the village; we are too small to warrant a Parish Council.  Day to day activities of the Parish Meeting is co-ordinated by Dr Young, an annual meeting takes place in April.

The Parish Meeting officers are:

Chairman – Dr Adrian Young

Treasurer – Gerry Johnson

The parish email address is oddingtonpm@gmail.com

Recent news:

Annual General Meeting 2018.


  1. Apologies for absence.
  2. To approve the minutes of the Meetings held on 21stApril 2017.
  3. To approve:
    1. The annual accounts for the year  1st April 2017 – 31st March 2018
    2. Individual payments made during the year, as shown in the ‘cashbook’.
  4. To approve the Annual Return for the year ending 31st March 2018Section 1 – statement of governance

    Section 2 – statement of accounts

  5. Matters arising from the minutes:
    1. Defibrillator in telephone kiosk on village green – an update.
    2. Oxford Green Belt Network – should we remain members?
    3. To consider the need to reinstate the insurance of the Meeting.
  1. Oxford – Cambridge expressway.
  2. Gas (and oil) for Oddington.
  3. Fouling by dogs. Should we purchase a waste bin? (suggested by Stewart Carnegie)
  4. Elections of Chair and Treasurer.
  5. To
    1. approve the recommendations of a Committee Meeting (consisting of the Chairman, Treasurer and one parishioner) held on 4th March 2018 that the risk assessment, effectiveness of internal audit procedures, standing orders and financial regulations of Oddington Parish Meeting remain adequate for the purpose, and should not presently be amended and
    2. re-appoint the Committee to meet in March 2019 to consider these matters again.
  6. Any other business.


The Annual Meeting will be held in St. Andrew’s Church, Oddington on Friday week, 20th April 2018, starting at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. I will forward a copy of the minutes of last year’s Meeting and the full agenda for the 2018 Meeting in the few days beforehand. If anyone has any points they wish to raise this year please let me know now so that these can be included in the agenda.

An important topic will be the possible serious threat to Otmoor, and to Oddington, by plans for the Oxford – Cambridge Expressway. I have invited both Tim Hallchurch (our Councillor on the District Council) and Dan Sames (our Councillor on the County Council) to come along if they can. To learn more, and to understand more of what is likely to be said at the meeting, I recommend you look at the website of the Expressway Action Group  – and a summary of Highway England’s present plans. These documents make interesting, if alarming, reading, and will help you understand where we are in the lengthy planning process involved.

Another (but less threatening!) topic will be the wish of some residents to explore the possibility of bringing mains gas to the village.

Please make a note of the date and do come along. We have important business to conduct, and as ever I need your support.

Adrian Young, Chair, Oddington Parish Meeting.

Wirepool Cottage, Oddington. OX5 2RA

01865 331284




Year ending March 2017:

Internal Audit Report

Parish Accounts

Minutes of the Annual meeting held 21st April 2017


Year ending March 2016:

Internal Audit Report

Parish Accounts

Minutes of the Annual meeting held 22nd April 2016


Year ending March 2015:

Internal Audit Report

Parish Accounts

Minutes of the Annual meeting held 24th April 2015