The Restoration

Our church is not only of importance to our local community but also of historical significance, it’s links to the Maori community give it a special place in history.

Like any eight hundred year old building it needs care.  Although generations have lovingly maintained the church we have reached the stage where more significant work is required.

Our objective is to ensure the historically significant parts of this church are preserved for the future. This means:

  • We want to make good what is is poor condition and prepare the Church for another hundred years.
    • External drains and gully’s need repairing, in their present condition damp is damaging the structure.
    • The internal walls need re-plastering and then re-decorating.
  • We want to repair the historically significant Bells and ensure the Maori Memorial, Preaching Cross and Brass are preserved.
    • The Bells need renovation so they can be rung and the sound can ring out over Otmoor for the first time in many years.
    • The memorial area needs restoring, many years and hundreds of visitors have taken their toll.
    • The Cross needs repairing to ensure the stonework can survive through many more winters.
  • We want to improve the lighting and heating and in so doing improve the environmental footprint of the church.
    • New, energy efficient, lighting to replace the existing.
    • Energy efficient heating to replace the existing.

The village has come together to look at how the future of the Church can be secured.  A small group has been established, it’s working with the Church both locally and in the Diocese and local Historic Building Trusts to find the necessary funds for the restoration.

Everyone recognises the scale of the challenge but the community believes the Church needs our support.  Through a combination of community fundraising, links to the Maori Community globally and support from commercial and charitable organisations we hope to raise the funds necessary for the works.