The 1900 to 1929

Oddington life at the start of the 20th Century

1902 – Band Sunday

A report in the Oddington section of the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of October 1902 paints a picture of our villages in that period.  Read More

1902 – The population of Oddington

In the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of September 1902, the Rector of Oddington, Rev. Samuel Crawley wrote...Read More

1902 – Oddington celebration of the succession to the throne by Edward VII

The major events arranged to celebrate the coronation were postponed but, at Edward’s request, many planned events were still held in London and throughout the country. The celebrations at Oddington were described in the Bicester Herald of 4 July 1902. This account gives a clear picture of life in this parish and the social structure… Read more

1905 – Bicester to Oxford Railway

From: A History of the Railways of Oxfordshire, Part 1: The North by Bill Simpson, page 116:

The service between Bicester and Oxford was improved further with the introduction of a steam railmotor service on October 9, 1905.  Read More

1907 – Dissolution of Parish Council  Read more here

1909 – Marriage of Richard Charles Staples-Browne

The marriage of Richard Charles Staples Browne with Sylvia Maude, daughter of Lady Huntingdon, created great interest in this little village.  Read More

1912 – Frederick John Staples-Browne

By the death of Mr F. J. Staples Browne on the 3rd December, we have lost a good and generous friend.  Read More

1913 – St John the Baptist day

St. John the Baptist Day  was celebrated at Oddington on 24 June 1913.  Read More

1913 – The Burial of Samuel Watson

On 19 December 1913 Samuel Watson was buried at Oddington, having died at the age of 94.  Read More

1920 – The death of William Haynes

It was reported in the Bucks Herald of 26 June 1920 that, a well known Oxfordshire farmer had just died…  Read More

1923 – A sudden death.

A painfully sudden death occurred on June 3rd in the village, at the residence of Mr Henry Shepherd… Read More

1923 – Patronal Feast

St Andrew’s Day (the Patronal Feast) was observed with every solemnity.  Read More

1923 – Loggs Bridge

The committee had examined two schemes by the surveyor for the repair of this bridge, and had recommended that one with two steel girders across the water.  Read More

1924 – Moving away from Oddington

Writing in the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of November 1924, the Rector, the Rev. S. H. Scott, observed “Our little community  Read More

1926 – Charlton and Oddington Football Club

The Islip Rural Deanery Magazine announced that a whist drive and dance was to be held.  Read More

1928 – A fatal shooting

On the afternoon of Sunday 4 November 1928 a motorist was approaching Oddington when he found a boy lying seriously injured in the road.  Read More

1929 – Death at the races

Mr Kerwood of Banbury Road, Oxford was excited by a close finish and dropped dead.  Read More