The Oddington 100 Club

The Oddington 100 is a club which is open to all residents of Oddington and the surrounding area, and their friends and family. It has been created to raise a small amount of much needed funds for St Andrew’s Church, Oddington.

The idea is that for every number that you purchase you will be entered into a monthly draw. The draw will be carried out on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. One numbers cost £5.00 a month (£60 annually).

The money raised will form a prize pot and 60% of this will be used for the prize fund. Each month there will be 2 lucky winners. So for example if we have 100 members then the prize pot will be £500.00.

This would, allowing for 100 members be shared as follows: 

1st Prize – £200.00

2nd Prize – £100.00

A great prize that could get you that little something you have wanted for a while. At the same time helping maintain our church.

If you would like to join the Oddington 100 Club please complete this form.

Now the rules:


100 Club Rules (The boring small print)

  1. The object of the club is to raise funds for the running costs and maintenance of the fabric of St Andrew’s Church, Oddington.
  2. The club will be run under the supervision of the St Andrews PCC (Parochial Church Council) who will also administer the club.
  3. The club is open to all residents of the parish, surrounding area and their friends and family.
  4. Members must be 16 or over and must complete the application form.
  5. Entry to the monthly draw will be by subscription of £5.00 per month (£60.00 per annually) pernumber, paid in advance. Payment must be either by monthly/ annual direct debit or if by cheque asan annual payment.
  6. Members may have more than one number, and the 100 club shall not be limited to 100 members.Numbers are not transferable.
  7. The draw will be monthly on the second Tuesday of every month and will be drawn by either the Vicaror if not available a member of the PCC.
  8. Subsequent to the first draw in December 2021 additional new members will be entered for the drawin the calendar month that follows receipt of the first monthly payment. Responsibility for ensuringthat the subscription has been paid rests with the individual member, not Oddington PCC.
  9. Winners will be contacted personally by the Oddington 100 club administrators who will make allreasonable efforts to pay or post prizes to the winners within one week of each monthly draw.
  10. Names of winners will be posted on the St Andrew’s Church notice board, and the Otmoor review andto those providing an email address via the Oddington 100 email group.
  11. The regular monthly prize fund will be 60% of the monthly income after any admin costs occurred bythe 100 Club. There will be 2 prizes:
    Ø First Prize will be 40% of the fund
    Ø Second Prize will be 20% of the fund
    Ø The remaining 40% of the fund will be allocated to St Andrew’s Church expenses.
  12. Registers will be kept recording the name and address of each member, the number(s) allocated to them and the subscriptions received from them.
  13. Unless otherwise advised, a member is deemed to have left the club if his or her renewal of the subscription remains unpaid for a period of one month.
  14. If the winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into the club account and held for 6 months. If the prize is not able to be paid in this time the money will be transferred to St Andrew’s Church.
  15. The decision of the 100 club committee shall be final in all matters requiring adjudication.
  16. The Oddington 100 club administrators shall have the power to amend or revoke these rules at theirabsolute discretion with such reasonable notice to the 100 club members as necessary.