Frederick John Staples-Browne Nov 1844 to Dec 1912

Death of Frederick John Staples-Browne

   The following entry for the parish of Oddington was published in the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of January 1913:-

“By the death of Mr F. J. Staples Browne on the 3rd December, we have lost a good and generous friend. Every Christmas for many years he has given to each cottage in the Parish four cwt. of Coal and a parcel of Grocery. In addition to his ever ready help in any case of especial distress, he has sent us a subscription towards the Provident Club and the Insurance of the Church against Fire. The numbers who attended the funeral at Launton on Friday, 6th December, bore eloquent testimony to the esteem in which he was held, both as Landlord and Friend. The bell of Oddington Church was tolled during the time of the ceremony.”

Frederick John Staples-Browne was born on 1 November 1844, the son of Richard Thomas Staples-Browne and Ann Staples-Browne, nee Bate. He married Mary Jane Molineux on 25 April 1867. Their son, Richard Charles Staples-Browne, married Maggie Papakura, the Maori Princess.

Several generations of the Staples-Browne family owned Oddington Grange and the farms that formed part of that estate.