Into the 20th Century – December 1899

The following, written by the Rector of Oddington, Rev. Samuel Crawley, was published in the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of December 1899:-

“On Monday, December 31st, at midnight, not only does the present year come to an end and a new one begin, but also the Nineteenth Century closes and the Twentieth opens. In all probability this has been the most remarkable century of the Christian era, for never before was there to be found in any hundred years such a record of change, improvement, and discovery. It has also been a century of great progress in Church matters. Church Building and Church Restoration has gone on all over the land, even in the most remote districts. The number of clergymen has largely increased, and services have multiplied beyond measure. Missionary work, both at home and abroad, has also vastly increased during the Nineteenth Century, and not less than about fifty societies for missionary, charitable, and philanthropic objects, have been founded in connection with the Church during the last hundred years. In all respects this has been a marvellous century, and may the new one, which will so soon open upon us, bring us many spiritual and other blessings, and may it not be behind the last in producing happiness and prosperity to our Church and nation all over the world.”