Marriage of Richard Charles Staples-Browne – March 1909

Marriage of Richard Charles Staples-Browne

  The entry for the parish of Oddington in the March 1909 edition of the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine contained the following entry:-

“The marriage of Richard Charles Staples Browne with Sylvia Maude, daughter of Lady Huntingdon, created great interest in this little village.

Mrs Hall of Brough Furlong Farm, kindly undertook the pleasant task of collecting money for a wedding gift, and she found everyone most anxious to contribute something in remembrance of the numerous acts of kindness and generosity shown to tenants and parishioners by the father and grandfather of the bridegroom.

A nicely illuminated address, framed in light oak by J. Vincent, High Street, Oxford, read as follows:-

To Charles Richard Staples Browne Esq., on his marriage to Miss Sylvia Maud Huntingdon, February 17th 1909.

Dear Sir,

We, your tenants and other inhabitants of the Parish of Oddington, ask your acceptance of the accompanying silver fruit dish as a small token of our esteem for your family and appreciation of the many kindnesses received from them.

At the same time we wish you and Mrs C R Staples Browne many years of health and prosperity to enjoy the blessings of a happy married life.

We remain

Your faithful friends and well wishers,

J L Tudor Fitzjohn

Emily M Fitzjohn Henry Shepherd

Samuel Watson

Sarah Wheeler

Eliza Symonds

James Price

James White

Harry Savings

Louisa Busby

Frederick Wiggins

John Biggs

Harry Wiggins

Percy Wiggins

Joseph Watson

Hannah Price

John Turner

Frank Hayward

George Edwards

John Watson

Patience Watson

William Franklin

Frederick Cooper

Thomas Cox

M C Cox

Elizabeth Hall

Thomas Tredwell

John Collett

William Haynes

James E Haynes

Esther Tredwell

R Tredwell

J Tredwell

John Walton

The Fruit Dish was supplied by R S Boswell, 115 High Street, Oxford.”

Mr Staples Browne acknowledged the Presentation as follows:-

Bampton, Feb. 14, 1909

Dear Mr Fitzjohn

I thank the Parishioners of Oddington most sincerely for having so kindly subscribed towards presenting me with a silver fruit dish on the occasion of my marriage. It is most gratifying to me to find that such a kindly feeling exists towards us in Oddington, and the esteem in which my father and mother are still held there, which I trust I may be happy enough to retain for myself for years to come. I hope as soon as possible after my marriage to introduce my wife to our good friends, as I had wished to do before this, but have, unfortunately, been unable to do so. Will you please convey my most sincere thanks to all the donors of this handsome present.

Believe me, yours sincerely


Richard and Sylvia were married on 17 February 1909. Sadly, Sylvia died on 29 June 1910.