Oddington Parish Rate – 1855

Bicester Herald of 16th June 1855


ODDINGTON – A few days since, a vestry was called for the purposes of making a church-rate, but the parish objected to have a rate made, unless the churchwardens rated the rector for his land the same as the ratepayers. This, the rector, refused. The parish therefore asked the rector to produce some document in which he might be able to show why he claimed to be exempt. This, he said, he had not got. The parish then adjourned the meeting for a month, in order to give the churchwardens an opportunity to take legal advice. The overseers requested the churchwardens to do their duty, and put the rector in the rate at once, and then he could appeal if he found himself aggrieved. The parish, it appears, also feel themselves aggrieved about the rector taking the award of a field into his own house, instead of placing it in the parish church. The overseers requested the churchwardens to have it placed in the church. – Communicated.


Footnote:- The Rector, the Rev. Philip Serle, had fully supported Sir Alexander Croke in his efforts to achieve the inclosure of Otmoor. His reward was to be allotted a parcel of land.