Railway accident at Oddington – Oct 1858

It was reported in the Oxford Journal of 9 October 1858 that, on Saturday last, an accident occurred at the Oddington Crossing, on the Buckinghamshire Railway, owing to the carelessness of a carter named Watson, who had charge of a team of horses drawing a load of dung, on the farm of Mrs Treadwell, of Oddington Grange. The driver of the passenger train, which leaves Bletchley at 1.55, saw the man with the team, when at some distance, making towards the crossing. He opened the whistle and put on the brake, but the man took no notice of the alarm. The engine came up just as the cart was on the rails. The cart was completely smashed, and the dung scattered over the engine. Singularly enough, the horses were not injured. The train was stopped as soon as possible. The guard of the engine was found to be broken, but beyond that, and seriously alarming the passengers, no serious mischief occurred to the train.

It is remarkable that a few weeks since an accident occurred of an exactly similar nature to one of the up Worcester trains, occasioned by another carter, who managed to get his load of dung just in the way of the engine. The line here is straight for a long distance, so there is no excuse for such carelessness.