Pilgimage Oddington – Noke – Islip – Oddington

Approximately 9km/2 hrs 10min – Download this route here.

Start at St. Andrew’s, Oddington, Pilgrimage Church of the Ray Valley Benefice. 

Enjoy the views of Otmoor from the churchyard. Reflect upon the ancient preaching cross – the only complete one in Oxfordshire.  A quiet prayer at the grave of the Maori Princess, Maggie Papakura.

Turn left out of the village and then take the footpath towards Logg Farm. At the end of the track bear right, leading to the footbridge over the New Ray and the Old Ray. Turn right, along the far bank of the Old Ray.

 On reaching the field boundary turn left, keeping the hedgerow on your right. Across to your right you can see the tower of St. Nicholas, Islip.

 On the outskirts of Noke, with Manor Farm ahead, turn left.

Soon after you will reach a right turn, taking you to St. Giles, Noke. Sit in the churchyard of this lovely small church, reflecting upon the peace and tranquillity of this lovely setting. A time for prayer.  2.5km  33min

From St. Giles walk straight ahead on the road, climbing out of the village. After the last house on right, turn right on the Oxfordshire Way. As you reach the highest level look across to your right to see Oddington and Charlton-on-Otmoor in the distance. Straight ahead you will see Islip.

Emerge from the footpath on to the B4027 Wheatley Road just above Islip Bridge. Turn right, initially walking on verge and then crossing the bridge on the left hand side.

 Follow the path around to the left and then bear right up the gradient towards the village centre. Bear left on gravel track, Church Walk, to St. Nicholas. This splendid church, c.1200, is a Grade 1 listed building, steeped in history. A wonderful place was quiet reflection and prayer.

4.8km  1hr 7min

From St. Nicholas return to the main road through the village. Turn left, go past the Red Lion and then go right down North Street. On a sharp right hand bend take the footpath marked Oxfordshire Way.

Continue on Oxfordshire Way across the fields until you reach the footbridge over the railway. Do not cross the bridge – continue on a footpath which has the railway on your left.

6.5km  1hr 33min

At the end of the field the footpath turns right, towards a wood, home to roe deer. Go through the edge of the wood and over a footbridge. 

The footpath goes straight across this field towards the Islip to Merton road. There is a gap in the far hedge which takes you on to the road. Turn left, taking care as there is fast moving traffic. After about 200 yards turn left on the road to Oddington. After the first house on your right take a track which takes you back to the church.