Oddington in 1898

A picture of Oddington in 1898


The Rev Samuel Crawley, Rector of Oddington, wrote as follows in the Islip Rural Deanery Magazine of February 1898:-

  “The new Magazine for the Islip Rural Deanery is proving a great success. At least, I know it is so in Oddington. But we are so cut off from the rest of the world, just on the way to Nowhere – but I forget, Charlton is beyond- at any rate, we are glad to have news, month by month, of what is going on in neighbouring parishes, and as our worthy Editor puts it, “a joint magazine gives cause of rejoicing, when any good work is accomplished, and all the parishes can rejoice together.”

   The parish of Oddington is, perhaps, unique in the Deanery, for we have no shop, no chapel, no public-house. I think in these respects we bear the palm. We live in a happy Rip Van Winkle style, and verily we should sleep as he did for twenty years at a stretch if it were not for some little local interest occurring now and again.

   Last year a martial spirit pervaded the place, and two gallant sons became desirous of serving the Queen as soldiers, and joined the Oxfordshire Light Infantry. One turned tail, however, and returned home. The other still sticks to his colours. May he, like a true Roman, never turn his back to the enemy, and if he should receive any wounds may they all be in front. The spirit of restlessness is catching, and about a fortnight ago two other of our rising youths left the village early one morning, but having failed to realise the object of their aspirations, they returned to their homes in the evening, wiser and better boys, let us hope.

   On Sunday, January 16th, sermons were preached and collections made on behalf of the Oxford Diocesan Education Society. There was but a poor attendance at either service, and the collection realised but 7s 6d. The people of Oddington have not yet taken to heart the words – “He that giveth to the poor lendeth to the Lord.”