Beware the Bog! March 2010

Beware the Bog!


The peace of Oddington was shattered just after 5p.m. on 17 March 2010 by a fire engine being in the village. It shunted up and down with its blue lights on and then the siren was sounded. Soon after it headed down on to the moor. At Oddington Bridge a startled villager was asked if this was the way to the rifle range. Having been deterred from setting off up Green Lane with the fire engine they cut the chain on the RSPB track and went off along there.

The story is that a walker had become stuck in a bog along Green Lane and had called ‘999’. All he knew was that he was somewhere in the vicinity of the rifle range. When the fire crew were in Oddington they were in contact with the man on his mobile phone and asked him to report back if he could tell if their siren was nearby.

The morale of this story is that you should not venture down Green Lane at this time of year unless you were born with web feet like us locals!