Rev Dr Sidney Drane-Scott

Rev Dr Sidney Drane-Scott was Rector of Oddington from 1915 to 1949. He was an eminent Anglo Catholic, having been a member of the Oxford Movement. 

He acquired the patronage of the living and ensured that the church remained Anglo Catholic after his retirement.

This portrait of him as a young man hangs in the church tower.img_2805And this plaque is in the church.


Picture Update – November 2020

For possibly the last hundred years a portrait of Rev. Dr. Sidney Herbert Scott hung high upon the inside wall of the tower in the Church of St.Andrew, Oddington. It had become dark with the gathering grime and its features were unrecognisable from ground level. In 2020 we had to remove it in order that work could be carried out on the tower.

Close-up it could been seen that the artist was T. Durley-Goold, with a date of 1909. The subject was a very young looking Rev. Scott – he would have been 33 years old at the time it was painted. So far, it has not been possible to identify the artist. Before the portrait was returned to the tower it was air-blowed and came back to life!